Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we thought you might ask. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to message us on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord.

How do I purchase a membership?

To purchase a membership:
1. visit the purchase page
2. select an avatar you like, the avatar is the key to your membership
3. select your payment method (Credit Card or "Connect Wallet" **ETH)
4. checkout
It's as simple as that!

Private and Corporate events

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How much does a membership cost

A membership costs the current market price for Ethereum. You can purchase with ETH or Credit Card. For people purchasing credit card- if ETH is $1,700 that is how much you'll get charged! To check Ethereum price click here

Are there added fees?

Since we are using third-party checkout processes, the third-party sites will have a small fee.

How to set up a Metamask or Coinbase Wallet?
You have a wallet, purchased ETH, but don't know how to get ETH into your wallet?

Meet the team

Paul Hemming
Galen Oakes
Creative director
Sara Selamie
Lead Product/UX design
Andrew Sealy
wellness advisor
Sr. Software engineer
Robert Lugo
strategic partnerships