20+ years

3 cities, thousands of events.

History of Future Factory, 20+ Years At A Glance.

Zen City Records opens in Oakland
Zen City Records opens in SF
Temple SF Nightclub opens
Mirus SF Gallery opens
Temple SF Nightclub opens
Mirus SF Gallery opens
Temple Nightclub V2 remodel
Ecosystem Coworking opens SF
Denver opens Temple Nightclub and Mirus Gallery
Mirus Gallery opens in Los Angeles
Meet the owner

Paul Hemming

Paul Hemming is an esteemed entrepreneur whose innovative spirit has significantly influenced the music, nightlife, and art industries. His pioneering journey began with Zen City Records, a cherished destination for music lovers, which set the stage for his future endeavors.

As the founder of Temple Nightclub, Paul reimagined the clubbing landscape by integrating eco-friendly elements and cutting-edge design, establishing a venue that transcends the traditional nightlife experience.

His artistic influence extended with the launch of Mirus Gallery, showcasing contemporary art that engages and inspires. Paul's ventures, including the collaborative Ecosystem Coworking space, reflect his commitment to creating environments that foster creativity and community. With successful expansions across San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles, Paul's vision has materialized into a cohesive network of spaces that synergize entertainment and art, known as the Future Factory.

This initiative represents his dedication to cultivating cultural experiences that are not only memorable but also sustainably conscious.Paul's career is a celebration of the arts, an invitation to explore the intersection of creativity and entertainment, and a journey towards enriching our collective experience.